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She goes by Missbronwyn26, but I do not know what her real name is. I met her on Facebook, but after she messages me and gave me her email to communicate with instead, she deleted her Facebook. An email was a little old school for me, but I talked to her anyway.
After a few days she started asking me really personal details, like how tall am I? What is my weight? how often do I travel? I found it odd but I brushed it off.
Two weeks later, she told me that she had gone to Tokyo and bought me a couple of gifts that she wanted to send to me. I sent her my address and phone number out of curiosity of what it could possibly be.

10 days later, I received a phone call from Malaysia a package was on hold for me, and in order to receive it I had to send them $3,750.
I called her confused and she had a strange accent. When I called her out on the charges and said I was not going to pay that much to receive a package, she got mad at me and just hung up. I never heard from her again.

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