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Matthew John Smith, LTD, Matthew John Smith, LTD or Matthew John Smith, Limited Pervert & Scam Artist

Matthew John Smith is an active pervert and seeker of transexual interactions off dating websites. He used to work for JP Morgan Chase Bank and now works for BNP Paribas. He likes to contact people on dating websites and offer sex for money– especially if they were transexual when he tells everyone around him how much he doesn’t like those types of people and is a racist bigot. Someone posted on a different site all the people he cheated on and has paid for sex. I would check to see if your name is there if you’ve googled him and are reading this review now. He has an addiction and will lie, scam, cheat and steal his way into your life and lieeeeeeeee about his sexual prefernces.

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Mark Jackson, Mark Jackson Sucks

Mark Jackson, Mark Jackson Sucks

I don’t know how this guys is in business

John Melvin, He’s Here For Commission

John Melvin, He’s Here For Commission

This guy is a joke of a businessman

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