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Matt Bacak, Matt Bacak, the internet conman, is back at it again

Matt Bacak is a well-known scammer in the digital age and hype of social media that everyone should know about, and be aware so they do not sign up for his “free” newsletters, advice, and buy into his marketing methods. His marketing system has been exposed before but there is very little information lately that you can find on him. He is well known for the scam that he operated on Facebook back in 2012 and he is back at it on a bigger scale. He would get people to subscribe for his “free” newsletter, but charge them $30 a month later on. This charge often went unnoticed. Eventually, it caught on when at the end of the year people were receiving a $300 bill. He has been known to refer to his customers as “victims.”

Now he is being called the powerful promoter. Conman is more like it. He has people paying for this advice and buying his books. You are not getting anything miraculous out of them. I bought into his “expert” training. It cost me a lot of money for his books and video, which have got me nowhere. This guy is still up to no good.

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