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Mashkur Sarwar Sarina: Corruption, Hotel Sarina and the ACC



Mashkur Sarwar Sarina is the son of Golam Sarwar Sarina and was involved in the Sarina hotel, which attracted a lot of controversy for being a product of corrupt dealings.

Golam Sarwar Sarina has been proved to be an extremely corrupt individual involved in various shady dealings.

Clealry, Mashkur Sarwar Sarina is involved in some of those corrupt dealings as well.

Hence, the Anti Corruption Commission took stringent action against all of them recently.

The following review on Mashkur Sarwar Sarina explores his criminal activities as well as the various claims his marketers are making to make him seem like a legitimate businessman.

About Mashkur Sarwar Sarina (Claims Made By His PR Team)

The following section contains the various claims made by the marketing team of Mashkur Sarwar Sarina. Hence, read this section with a grain of salt.

Mashkur Sarwar Sarina is the son of Golam Sarwar Sarina.The family of Mashkur Sarwar Sarina fled the never-ending conflict in Lebanon and later started over in New York. Before getting approved to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce at the famous New York University, he started his academic career there as well. Mashkur was able to succeed academically through perseverance and determination, passing every test with flying colors.

After achieving notable success in the web development sector, his interest in contemporary technology prompted him to continue exploring “the internet.” He pursued two web design classes and eventually finished the Harvard CS50 program because of his passion. His excellent academic background demonstrated his aptitude for creating mobile apps and websites.

Mashkur launched MS-WEB after ten years of experience working as a Senior Web Developer for some of the most reputable businesses in the sector. With the introduction of WEB3.0, he has been given unrestricted power to select his clientele. He is committed to making sure that everyone’s needs are met in the bustling IT industry of New York. His areas of expertise include project management, full-stack coding, and responsive web design.

Mashkur Sarwar Sarina is always in awe of the majesty of old buildings, whether it be a museum, a hotel, or any other kind of architecture. There is nothing that gives him more pleasure than being able to learn about other cultures while still carrying out his profession from the comfort of his hotel room. He keeps working on whatever assignment has required him during this journey while he moves between various places in the world.

Mashkur is not only tech adept but also deeply committed to supporting the community where he was born. As his wealth grew, he made considerable contributions to charities that work to help the underprivileged and raise their standard of living in Lebanon. He also founded a vocational school for residents of Beirut. Mashkur also treasures every time spent with his family and the trips they do together.

Mashkur Sarwar Sarina

Anti-Corruption Commission Takes Against Mashkur Sarwar Sarina

mashkur sarwar sarina

Amir Khasru, a member of the BNP standing committee, and his wife are among the five people accused by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) of misappropriating a plot, concealing ownership of shares in the Hotel Sarina Dhaka, and breaking the building code.

The information was revealed by ACC Secretary Md Mahbub Hossain during a press conference on Monday at ACC headquarters in the city. The other parties charged in the case are Tahera Khasru Alam, the wife of Khasru, Golam Sarwar, the chairman of Hotel Sarina(Father of Mashkur Sarwar Sarina), Sabera Sarwar Nina, and Aurangzeb Nannu, the building inspector for the Design Approval Branch of Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK).

ACC’s Integrated District Office Dhaka-1’s Deputy Director An neighboring land on Banani Road 17, owned by the Chittagong Stock Exchange under the Dhaka RAJUK, is where Salina Akhtar alleges that a conspiracy to benefit by misappropriating a plot took place.

Also, the five-star Hotel Sarina was constructed and run from there in violation of the RAJUK-approved design. The lawsuit states that after looking into claims of Amir Khasru and his wife misappropriating assets over known income, the ACC was instructed to prepare a report.

The investigation revealed that they, together with their relatives Nina and Golam Sarwar, had disguised their ownership of shares in Hotel Sarina. Instead of building the 15-story structure Rajuk had authorized, Amir Khosru and his brother-in-law Golam Sarwar acquired plot number 25 of Road 17 in Banani, now known as the Basati Tower, and built a 21-story structure there. Amir Khosru chose Golam Sarwar (and Mashkur Sarwar Sarina) as the developer of the nearby plot 27 which was owned by the aforementioned organization while he served as the president of CSE, a member of parliament, and the commerce minister of Bangladesh. He and his wife later became implicated in the theft of the plot.

To accommodate the five-star hotel they owned, Khasru and his wife later collaborated with his brother-in- law’s developer company to erect a 22 (twenty-two) storey building on the land. He disregarded the CSE Board of Directors’ decision to offer his brother-in-law the contract in an unauthorized manner.

What is ACC?

A law that was enacted on 9 May 2004 and was issued on 23 February 2004 created the Against Corruption Commission. Although at first, it was unable to have the desired effect, immediately after its reconstitution in February 2007, the ACC started working with renewed vigor and impetus and duly acceded to the United Nations convention against corruption, which was adopted by the General Assembly back on October 31, 2003. The Anti-Corruption Commission Act of 2004 controls its overall structure and operation. Hasan Mashhud Chowdhury was replaced as chairman of the panel in 2009 by Ghulam Rahman.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mashkur Sarwar Sarina

Who is Mashkur Sarwar Sarina?

Mashkur Sarwar Sarina is the son of Golam Sarwar Sarina.Executive Director of Hotel Sarina. With years of graphic and online design experience, Mashkur Sarwar Sarina has developed the ability to comprehend client requirements following the most recent trends. You may trust him with yours because I have experience working with companies in a variety of areas.

He has spent the majority of these years working in a variety of design fields, including front-end development, email design, landing sites, app UI/UX, and his present position building products for mobile platforms. However, he was also involved in the illegal development of Hotel Sarina, which recently faced action from the Anti Corruption Commission.

Where is Mashkur Sarwar Sarina situated?

Banani C/A Hotel Sarina Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh.

What did Mashkur Sarwar Sarina do?

Executive Director of Hotel Sarina. Golam Sarwar Sarina’s son is Mashkur Sarwar Sarina. Mashkur Sarwar Sarina has years of experience in graphic and internet design, which has given him the ability to appreciate customer needs while adhering to the most recent trends.

He took part in the illegal development of Hotel Sarina and helped Golam Sarwar Sarina run his unlawful enterprise.


Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury, the head of the main opposition BNP standing committee, his wife, and three other people were named in a case that the Anti-Corruption Commission filed against them on Monday for allegedly participating in fraud and deviating from the original plan to construct Hotel Sarina. The trio consists of Golam Sarwar Sarina (Father of Mashkur Sarwar Sarina), the chairman of Hotel Sarina, Sabera Sarwar, the managing director, and Aurangzeb Nannu, the construction inspector for Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha.

At a press conference the following day at the commission’s headquarters, ACC secretary Mahbub Hossain informed reporters that the case had been filed with the integrated district office Dhaka-1 by ACC deputy director Salina Akhtar.

On plot 27 on road 17 in Banani, a five-star hotel named Sarina was constructed, according to the case statement, and after purchasing plot 25 and deviating from the approved plan, a 21-story building bearing the same name was also erected. The ACC secretary stated that within a day or two, the commission will assign an investigator to the matter, who would then take the required action. In response to a query, he stated that there was no political pressure to bring a case against Khasru.



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Mashkur Sarwar Sarina: Corruption, Hotel Sarina and the ACC

Mashkur Sarwar Sarina: Corruption, Hotel Sarina and the ACC

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