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Maryland’s Men’s Medical Clinic – Silver Spring Maryland

Maryland’s Men’s Medical Clinic Men’s Medical Clinic / Dr. Kevin Hornsby, MD Fraudulent/Deceptive Insurance/Sales Practices – Silver Spring Maryland


Fraudulent and Deceptive Insurance and Sales Practices – After treatment for ED at the Maryland’s Men’s Medical Clinic, I was informed by Gary Gans, National Sales Manager, that my BC/BS health insurance plan should cover from 40-60% of the charges after I submitted the claim. I was then presented a bill of $7,135.00 for the office visit, a year’s supply of medication and associated paraphernalia/supplies; no other options were provided. I reluctantly paid for the office visit and medication with my Visa card with the assurance that my BC/BS health insurance would cover a portion of the bill.  After submitting the claim, BC/BS denied the claim stating that the provider was out of network and that ED was not covered under the plan.

On or about March 21, 2014, after calling the Silver Spring Maryland office to complain about the fraudulent billing and sales practices, I was referred to the corporate office in Orlando, Florida where I spoke with a Colleen Reilly, Risk Management Office. Colleen Riley informed me that Gary Gans should not have told me my insurance should cover 40-60% of the bill and basically, as the National Sales Manager, he knew better.  Colleen Reilly further stated that as of March 17, 2014, the one year billing practice was discontinued; they no longer billed for a 1 year’s supply of medication.  Ms. Reilly then stated she would authorize a refund of $3,500.00 to my Visa account to be credited within 7-10 business days.  After checking my Visa account 10-15 days later, there was NO refund credited.  The cycle continued with countless calls to Colleen Reilly with continued promises of a refund credit to my account, to no avail.

Attempts to contact other individuals of authority at the Orlando, Florida corporate office, to include Tim Hailey, Clinic Operations Director, met with negative results; I was continuously placed on hold, transferred to voicemail, told that the individual was out of the office, in a meeting or gone for the day, or I was just hung up on.  Finally, on June 18, 2014, I last spoke with Colleen Reilly where she told me that the legal team was reviewing my complaint and asked if I had received a letter.  Informing her, No I had not, she stated that it is now out of her hands and that I should be receiving a letter in the mail.  Subsequently, I received a generic letter in the mail several days later basically stating there would be no refund. No doubt that this medical scam is a Rip-Off. Further research shows that the Men’s Medical Clinic has had numerous and similar compaints. It is now my intention to file complaints with the Maryland State Attorney General’s Office, and the Florida State Attorney General’s Office, and to pursue criminal and civil recourse against Gary Gans, National Sales Manager; Colleen Reilly, Risk Management/Patient Care; Tim Hailey, Clinic Operations Director; and Dr. Kevin Hornsby, Proprietor.

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