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Manahawkin Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s Catherine Fitzgerald

Catherine Fitzgerald is the worst person at Manahawkin Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. If she is interviewing you, just cancel the interview. I was so eager to find work and get a job, I let the red flags slip past me. She was not transparent and kept telling me I’d get more information during the first week of employment. I felt I was always left out of the loop that week and I found it out that my hours were constantly adjusted without my knowing. Any time I tried to bring it up, I would get the runaround and be told there was a clerical error. She constantly lied and did not come through with her promises.

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Jake Frostick

Jake Frostick

Jake Frostick is a disgusting human

Scammers and Liars at Delray Recovery Centers

Scammers and Liars at Delray Recovery Centers

Delray Recovery Centers will get your attention by any means necessary

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