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Mackenzie Capital Management, Harrasment Over the Phone

This company has called me at least 20 times about a loan that I never applied for. I answered one of the calls and simply told them I was not interested. After that, they started calling me on a private numbers to be sneaky. I started to let it go to voicemail and they still left me 5 messages in a row. Desperation does not suit good business.

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  1. Yea this company screws small business to the point they loose everything. Then cost thousands of dollars in account fees And won’t pay them even thought they caused the downfall of a small business and then threaten them about no. Payment. DO NOT USE THESE THEIFS!

  2. McKenzie Capital
    Committed to Small Business Success. Helping Small Businesses Succeed.
    IS A COMPLETE LIE! Like the previous person said, they HARRASS you to take the loan then the harassment gets 10 times worse once you have. They pretend to be the most helpful wonderful and loving people that care about your business success. Once you’ve signed on that dotted line. They will take you for every dime, nickel, and penny you owe plus 3x more. They are rude, unprofessional, and hateful. They then care nothing about your business and swears to be understanding if you fall on hard times. BUT NOOOO! They do NOT CARE! They want theirs plus more. They are taught well how to con people into getting to sign that agreement and again harasses you to do sign it. I felt pressured to sign the contract. But oh boy, once i did, they turned into evil sharks. I had to close my business due to covid, did they care? NOPE! I wasn’t even bringing in income and they were threatening to sue me and bring down my business in a heinous way. RUN FAR FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! DO NOT let them pressure you into signing up for anything. I swear YOU WILL REGRET IT! This is by FAR the worst business decision I have EVER Made letting them pressure me into a loan with them. They are going to harass you to do it and say all the pros but DO NOT LISTEN! I am WARNING YOU! They aren’t even accredited by the BBB. I am just finding this out.

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