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MacArthur Compnay Denver, Lazy Roof Repair

I had a few missing shingles on my roof. MacArthur came out and gave me an estimate on replacing them. They were going to charge me $800 to repair those sections of the roof and to replace the shingles, but they could do it in one day, while we were out, so I agreed.

I was there the morning they came. They were setting up when I left, so I was not worried, but when I came home that day, they were gone and they had left a mess. It looked like they had barely used the stack of shingles. I had my husband check the roof and there were still missing shingles. We had paid them and full and they claimed that the job was done. I called and asked to speak to their management, who refused to admit to the irresponsibility. They did not even come back to get the shingles. They just left everything half done.

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American Home Health Services Inc., Abusive Nurses

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