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Lyon Marketing Group, Agency Scam

Not a credible business and once they get your money, you will not be dealing with them to get it back. You pretty much cannot get it back once you sign a contract with them. They told me that I could be a model. I am not that tall, I probably should not have fallen for it. Lyon MArketing offered to be my agent, all I had to do was pay $1,750 upfront for a portfolio and professional pictures to be taken of me. They told me they could take care of everything and get me into jobs as early as next week. When I called them a week later. They said that they would schedule my photos to be taken later in the week. When the time came they said they had to move that because they wanted to find me a job first. They keep making excuses. It has now been over a month. I think they have made their money off of me and I got duped.

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  1. They posted an Ad on craigslist for new faces, actors etc. I answered the ad explaining I’m looking to do some extra work again. They sent me a link requesting money up front. These casting companies should not be requesting money upfront, chances are you will not see the money again or any work promised from them. I sent them no money. I just want to make sure the public is aware of what you can expect from these casting companies: NOTHING, but aggravation from losing your money. Just be cautious.

  2. Wl not return calls, or emails. Due to COVID a lot has changed which we took onto account however it will be 2 yrs since we signed the contract. The account is paid off but no one will reply to any of our attempts to reach them. We just want our money back, seeking legal alternatives very soon. Really tired of working hard to pay for lack of services.

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