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Liberty League International, Liberty League Opprtunity Scam

I was recently approached by a friend of mine who was trying to get me to attend a seminar held by Liberty League International. She had bought into and she said that she wanted to get as many people as she could to go. She thought it was a good business opportunity. Lucky for her I had seen this article before. These guys are pure garbage for what they do. Unfortunately, she had already paid them thousands of dollars for some sort of business tutoring they offered, which is a joke. Everything they talk about is a lie.

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Lynda R. CPA, They Lost My Paperwork!

Lynda R. CPA, They Lost My Paperwork!

I suggest that you never get accounting services, consulting, or your taxes done

Yoobly Inc., Yoobly Inc. Scam Webinars

Yoobly Inc., Yoobly Inc. Scam Webinars

This company offers the kind of webinars that you over pay for and you end up

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