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L’ Core Paris, L’Core Gave Me A Rash

High-pressure sales that were only interested in selling me a particular product or the highest priced one. From the second I walked into a saleswoman would not leave me alone. She followed me around pressuring me to try samples that she had. I told her at least three times that I had sensitive skin. She insisted on my try some facial cream. She said it was for people with sensitive skin. I let her put it on me just so she would leave me alone. In the meantime, she tried to sell me more products. I finally got out of her grasp. About an hour after I left the store I had a rash on my face. I do not know what kind of products they are selling or how they are training their employees but both are terrible. I will never be back. It is an awful place to shop.

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Trinity Energy Group, I Am Out $50,000

Trinity Energy Group, I Am Out $50,000

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Red Shield Protection Plans, Red Shield Scam

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