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Karen Downie, Karen Downie Southbend In.

As a acquaintance of Karen Downie in alcohol and Drug rehab classes in Elkhart In. I had the opportunity to meet Karen Downie and her boyfriend Craig Glore of Glore and More painting Co. Southbend In. After Karen Downie was court ordered to join the class I did research on her learned that she has had multiply arrests for DUIs stemming from Berrien Springs Mi., Southbend In., Elkhart In.,Mishawaka In., and Lagrange County, She is very arrogant, her ignorance to me it makes her a very dangerous person!

Please be advised that she is only 24 years old and is expected to have a long criminal future ahead of her. I feel to remain safe from her stand clear of any direct contact with her.

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Mitali Mistry

Mitali Mistry

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Comet Loans

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