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Energized Health, John Jubilee is Not Honest

After watching a few of the Energized Health Webinars , I was quite Skeptical of All of the Claims ? 53,000 + clients ? John claims to have been Asked to Speak to the UN ? Maybe as part of Ryan Long’s “City Summit event” at the UN & john seems to have been part of that organization ? & maybe they spoke in one of the Adjacent UN Buildings ? However he did Not address the UN as he would like people to believe. Then John proudly displays pictures of himself with Steve Forbes at the UN ? Why not Simply show pictures of John Actually Speaking to the UN as they claim ? It really made me wonder ?

So, I decided to reach out to Dave Ramsey, WHO IS REAL & is Trustworthy & A Real Man of God , who is mentioned as being instrumental in the Foundation of John Jubilee’s company & I asked Dave’s STAFF at ( If they would stand behind John’s Claim as made in his Webinars ?

Here is the Reply I received:

Thanks for contacting us! I sent your email to Dave for you.

This comes directly from Dave, “You can tell him to stay away from John…he is dishonest ”

I hope that this helps! Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions!

It is a pleasure to serve you.

Blessings & kindest personal regards,

Sherry Singletary
Customer Care – Guest Experience Advisor / Specialist

Phone: 629-223-6345
Fax: 615-620-6376
Monday – Friday 9:30-5:30 cst
[email protected]

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him…”
Romans 15:13

Team Member since 2003

I imagine, Anyone else who Actually Bothers to LOOK CLOSER at Johns claims will find the Same thing ? & if you will lie about this ? What else isn’t true ?

John Jubilee says he Loves skeptics, I Encourage Everyone to be a skeptic !!! email Dave Ramsey & ask for yourself, & then You be the Judge, & You Decide.

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  1. Energized Health has been a sponsor of Wayne Allyn Root’s national radio program for more than 18 months.

    During that time, hundreds of Wayne’s listeners have completed the Energized Health program. Not one has complained to us that they were not satisfied with the results. Not one.

    In fact, we have received more positive responses from our listeners regarding Energized Health, then we have from all of our other sponsors – combined!

    Additionally, I personally completed the program with amazing results. I lost 38 lbs of inner body fat, plus I gained muscle, hydration, increased energy, and focus… just as advertised!

    Based on my personal experience, and the experiences of hundreds of Wayne’s listeners who have completed the program, I strongly recommend Energized Health.

    Andrew Paul
    VP/General Manager
    Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered
    USA Radio Network

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