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Isabel Aya

Pretending to be Sweet and Harmless

Isabel Aya might seem the sweetest living creature ahahaaaa, initially. You almost fancied she is the rare “pure soul” out there who wouldn’t harm anyone or do anyone wrong. Sounds too good to be true right? 🙂 Well it probably isn’t true.

Sooner or later, her cracks show. In meanwhile she still present with the most harmless, sweet face to diffuse your reality, because she probably isn’t capable of feeling any shame so she act like she is such a clean spirit still after doing ugly things, ehhh.

Behind her seemingly real sweet front, is a pathological liar who is so natural in her craft, that she doesn’t feel, as mentioned, any shame or discomfort about it. No awkwardness like normal people would if they would lie and trip people off their feet. When she backstabs you and lie to you, she is still that sweet harmless girl in front of you. Yew…

So the myth she can appear so pure, sweet and innocent, isn’t because she doesn’t nothing bad. But because she can’t feel bad about anything embarrassing she has done so that keeps her feel she is a pure soul and present herself as one.

Isabel Aya is the highest kind of con – who can appear so naïve and innocent that anyone would trust and feel safe with. Oh lord. And we just captured one of her blatant lies in writing! On her IMDB page (btw her acting skill is mediocre), she shameless called herself a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. A graduate holds a degree program from a school. Isabel Aya only took a short course from there. Calling herself a graduate is truly a century’s joke. As you can see, she is indeed a little bit dumb as well.

A frog pretending to be a pure soul. Even worse she is dumb enough to believe her own lies that she is indeed a pure soul that doesn’t feel the difference between lies and truth so she can continue acting like she is such a good girl type!

Be careful and don’t get hynotized by Isabel Aya. Just remember she is freaking ugly inside even she still appears freaking sweet after doing ugly things to confuse you if you should think this way about her because her innocent look doesn’t match with the cunning things she did. Run!

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