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Iron Doors Now, Overpriced, Unprofessional, and Unreliable

They wanted to charge me $300 more for almost the exact same door at another place only Iron Doors uses cheaper material. Iron Door promised me the lowest price guaranteed, so when I presented this information they said that they would give it to me at the same price and pay for installment.

That was a lie. Especially since the men that installed the door did a terrible job. The iron was bent and there were cracks in the sides. I was so over dealing with the salesmen, but I needed to have it fixed. They didn’t do it the right way. Instead, they billed me for the original price of the door, plus installment, and wanted me to pay more to have it fixed!

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Anothony M Gleason

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Sebastian Foliaco Secretos Financieros, Secretos Financieros SCAM

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