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Instabill Payment Gateway, Instabill is a TRAP

I started up a new business and signed up with Instabill Payment Gateway to handle all the transactions that online. My business was mostly based online, and it was the easiest way for my customers to pay securely and without hassle. Plus, I got a great deal from Instabill.
It cost me $500 to start my own account and I would only have to make $50 monthly payments.

My customers did not seem to have any difficulty with their transactions and I was going to get paid at the end of every month. At the end of the first month, I requested to have my profits paid to my account, but I was not able to.

I called the company right away. They said that I was not allowed to have any funds withdrawn until my account reached $2,000. Then at that point, I was only allowed to take out $500. There was nothing that I could do about it.

I still have no way to pay other bills that I have I do not have access to my business’s profits and Instabill Payment Gateway basically owns me. The contract is binding. This is probably the worst thing I could have got my business into.

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Privacy Protecton, Privacy Protect Scam Supporter

Privacy Protecton, Privacy Protect Scam Supporter

The purpose of privacyprotect

Kelle’s Transport Services, Kelles Manipulates Wages

Kelle’s Transport Services, Kelles Manipulates Wages

I don’t think that I am the first to write about having a bad experience

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