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Independence University, Independence University Lied about Transcripts

None of my experiences were good at this university. It is not all that it is cracked up to be. I transferred so I could take advantage of what their medical program had to offer. An administrator told me that all my credits would transfer and I could start as a junior. She lied to me. When I was enrolled, the university would not take half my credits so I had to start as a sophomore. It was going to set me back either because the semester was starting, and I did not have time to transfer to another university.

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The Gold Travel, Liars

The Gold Travel, Liars

They promised insurance on my trip, paid up front with free cancellation and

Richard B. Smith Attorney at Law, Richard B. Smith

Richard B. Smith Attorney at Law, Richard B. Smith

I hired Richard to handle a contract situation between me and my business

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