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Impact Training, Cult Like Gym

First of all, signing up costs $2,000. They have high pressured salesmen that want you to get all of your friends and family to pay too. I get called CONSTANTLY! And whenever I go to the gym for training I get hassled at the front desk about numbers of people that might be interested in working out with them.

Once I started working with a trainer, he would literally contact me twenty-four seven and have me at the gym for 3 hours at a time. It stripped me of my personal life. I had to cancel, but they would not allow me a refund. The best that I could do was block their number and not show up. It was like I had to run from them.

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Right Choice Pools & Spas, Inc, Right Choice Pools & Spas, Inc

Right Choice Pools & Spas, Inc, Right Choice Pools & Spas, Inc

Save yourself the trouble and DO NOT use Right Choice Pools and Spas, Inc

Bryan Phillips, Marine Fake

Bryan Phillips, Marine Fake

I am not the first person that Bryan has tried to trick into giving him money

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