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Heavy Hammer, Heavy Hammer Does Less than Half the Work

There are so many red flags that I came across in this company, I find it hard to believed they are an accredited business. They misrepresent themselves over the phone, especially to new potential clients. I called them worried, but then they tried to sell me on advertising and media needs for my business. I needed the resources, and they offered me great pricing.
In the course of a month, I got two leads and had zero new advertising produced. They billed me for much more than the work they had done and they did none of the things that I had requested them to do. They wasted a whole month of valuable time and money for me, so I decided to take my money elsewhere. They refused to give me my money back that I had paid at the start and demanded I pay the invoice they did absolutely nothing to earn. So frustrating. Horrible way to do business.

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US Federal Contractor Registration, Not Government Affiliated

US Federal Contractor Registration, Not Government Affiliated

This company is in no way associated with the government, so you should not

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This is 100% a scam

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