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Hartford Gold Group, Warning! They take over 50% of your money

I made the mistake of investing with Hartford Gold Group. I am hoping that I can stop others from doing the same. I invested a total of $50,000 into a Gold IRA with coins. There was not much talk about interest or what they earned from the stake, but they gave me confidence in them and my future retirement.
I paid close attention to my profile because I am well educated in the market. After a year I asked to have my investment taken out.
They only gave me half. I knew something was wrong.
I inquired and I was informed that their profit margin was 55% and they charged me 10% to take it out.
Complete scam!
I basically just gave them my money.
This is not a business, it is a fraudulent operation. They are just taking money from people. Do not trust them with yours.

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Honor, Honors Society is Just for Payment

Big Scam

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