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Happy Rock Merchant Solutions, Cannot Pay Off

They advertise that they are not bankers or middlemen, then what are they? Their conmen that’s what. Direct lender means they take your money and solely handle it, but what people do not know is that they charge you more interest and take a huge part of the cut. They will basically give anyone money, but their interest rates are through the roof. If you get a direct loan from them, you are going to spend the rest of your life paying it off.

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Scamwarners/Porschehangout, Scam Artist

Scamwarners/Porschehangout, Scam Artist

Ian Gereda, in association with other people, including, Alan Jones, Bryon

Florida Window and Door, Hire Someone Else

Florida Window and Door, Hire Someone Else

Horrible customer service, they prolong the process, and their workmanship is

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