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Hansford University, Fake University with Fake Rankings

Hansford University
I have been considering going back to school and earning a bachelors degree. I got an email from Hansford University and another email about a graduate school, within minutes of each other, regarding a degree program. The emails used were [email protected] and [email protected] The universities were obviously related.
I clicked on the links to both the emails; both redirected to the registration page. I registered on the page to see what it was all about. It asked for my phone number and other details.
I was not even able to go to their website, I received a call right away from +1 302 526 1253 which was a USA number. A man asked me to join the online chat to make me aware of the options available at Graduate in Minutes.

He also confirmed that both the universities, Hansford and Graduate in Minutes are same. After I joined the online conversation, I was redirected to a personal chat with Alex Martin. He explained that the adult program that they offer does not require any study material and the grading will be done based on personal experience. He told me that I will have to prove my knowledge in the field of work and that it would be converted into grades.
I was excited to know that I would be able to earn a degree with my practical knowledge and not through classroom sessions. As silly as it sounded, the opportunity seemed ideal to me.
Alex told me about the 4 steps of certification. According to him, the first step was to finish registration and deposit $200. I will then have to go through an interview which would be recorded and assessed. The third step was verification of my personal documents. Lastly, my certificate would be couriered to my registered address.
The total for the process was $500. I paid the registration fee of $200 and he gave me the URL: to access my virtual office. I got into the site but a lot of the functions were not working on the website. I tried to change my photo and edit my profile but the site would not load. I tried multiple times.
I did some more research on the university to see if I could find a contact number for tech help.
I discovered a ton of information that revealed that I had gotten myself into a scam. I immediately called my bank to cancel my credit card and filed a transaction dispute.
I was luckily able to salvage my money, but be warned! Do not share your details with Hansford University.

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