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Guaranteed Prosperity, Guaranteed Prosperity Took Over 50% of My Retirement Fund

I regretfully invested in property with prosperity with all of my retirement money. It was a lot of money. They made it seem like an amazing deal for me from the start. They said that I would start seeing a huge return after a year and they said that I could get my payout whenever I liked. They changed the percentage that they would be getting from my investment. It kept going up over the months. I was unaware until I went to take out of my investment and they took more than half. It is a complete scam.

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HealthGAINS, Uncertified Doctors

HealthGAINS, Uncertified Doctors

These are not real doctors or qualified people that should even be giving health

Home Report Store/ Market Research Store, Fraudulent Activity

Home Report Store/ Market Research Store, Fraudulent Activity

You may also know it as Market Research Store

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