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GM Law Firm, LLC, GM Cost Me More Than My Tuition

When I graduated from college, I quickly realized how hard it was to get a job. Not just any job, but one that would actually allow me to support myself and pay off my student loan debt. There was no way that $10/ hour was going to do that for me and as far as entry level, that was all that was on the table for me. A couple years went by and I was still struggling so I went to GM Law Firm to help me consolidate that debt. They said that they could fight for me and stop the harassment. They really screwed me over. I ended up having to pay them more than what I owed the university. I was furious when they settled things for me and then they sent me a bill. They are not working in your best interest, they would just rather have you be paying them the rest of your life, not the school. And trust me, you will be paying twice as much.

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Luca s Auto Care, $5,000 and my car is still not fixed

Luca s Auto Care, $5,000 and my car is still not fixed

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Effective Immediately PR, Avoid At All Costs

Effective Immediately PR, Avoid At All Costs

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