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Global Recruiters Network, Global Recruiters Network Shut Us Down

Global Recruiters Network took my franchise on a turn for the worst. They sold me on the care of their services and ability to create success. They took all the money that we made and then one day we were completely locked out of our system. They shut us down without warning and without cause. If you work with them they take over and everything that you own becomes theirs. Stay away from these liars.

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  1. Regarding Global Recruiters Network..

    Totally agree… They lie, they cheat and they steal..

    They have damaged many people’s lives …
    including children lives..!!!!

    Bradford Baiocchi and many others with him, have ripped off many, including the United States Government by their frauds.. I have very revealing video tape footage as well as many documents showing the true character of the Cartoon looking freak Bradford Baiocchi…

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