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Frank Johnson

Frank Johnson answered to a job posting I had as an assistant to an FB contractor. I took the job right away because he presented himself as a self-employed contractor and showed me the contract that he had with Shell Petroleum as a corrosion analyst. The contract was held in South China, but the job seemed legit.

He signed me on right away as though he was desperate for help. He even put my name in the contract without my permission. The job was okay at first, but then his need for assistance started to get out of hand, and the professional needs started to cross over into personal needs.
They were things like picking up his laundry and ordering certain things online for him.
I did not mind it very much until he started to ask for pictures and inappropriate gestures. None of this was in our “contract.”
Once he asked me to send him money, for the company, out of my own pocket, I realized that I needed to quit.
When I contacted him to do so, saying that I refused to send him money, he did not even respond. He just stopped talking to me and I was unable to contact him all of a sudden.
I do not have any losses to report, but I still do not really know who this man is and I would like to find out. Most of the information was obviously fake, but whoever this person is, is a fraud.

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