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Stay Away From Foundations Recovery Network’s Black Bear Lodge Location

They promise you a transformative recovery with top-of-the-line and top of the art technology to help you during your recovery. They say they have the top professionals and top plans to help you get through a horrible time in your life and well, it’s all fake and a lie. There is nothing here that is top of the line or top-grade anything. The team and staff here are the worst they don’t give a crap about you. They only want your money. You see and hear so many things about recovery centers taking advantage of patients/clients because they are in a period of weakness and need help… this is true. This is true for this place!! Don’t go here. Find another recovery center to take care of you or your loved one. You will regret going here!

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Shadow Mountain Recovery CROOKS

Shadow Mountain Recovery CROOKS

Do not enroll anyone you love in this program

Craig Glore and Karen Downie

Craig Glore and Karen Downie

If you come across either of these people, leave

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