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Foremost Auto Insurance, Changed Our Rate Without Notice

They did not reveal everything that was covered by their policy, which turned out to not be very much. We did not have any claims with them prior to our car accident. The customer service representative was extremely unhelpful and insensitive. She told us that our policy had already increased and we were not 100% covered because of this. We had to pay out of pocket for most of the repairs because they supposedly only covered 20%.  She did not seem to understand that there was no reason our policy should have changed because we had never made a claim! She was insistent that we had and she would not budge. I am wondering where the other 80% of our claim went and I am betting her pocket. This is Foremost Auto’s way of making more money off of you.

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Mike Glaspie, Mike Scam Glaspie

Mike Glaspie, Mike Scam Glaspie

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The Ding King Institution, Not a Real Training

The Ding King Institution, Not a Real Training

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