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Florida Water Analysis, Life Is Better WITHOUT Florida Water Analysis Water Systems!!!

Florida Water Analysis really puts the word anal to good use. Because they are the worst company I have ever dealt with. That is really forgiving of me to even say because I have more profane words to say about this crapshow of a company.

We called them out to test our water. We are in Florida. The water here is sketchy. We wanted to install a new system because as I said before, the water is sketchy here. We thought we were getting a decent deal and we were somewhat happy with the new system. A few days after they installed the new water system, it broke. LEAKED EVERYWHERE. They charged us a hefty price for the newly installed system they installed and said it was our fault… we still don’t even know how we were responsible for it breaking… SERIOUSLY. What sucks the most is that when we talked to the tech, they said the first month or service calls were free… but we were charged and when we called their billing department, they said their tech shouldn’t have said that and there was nothing that they could do about it… so we were stuck paying the fee. Guess what? When we started with this system, the tech said the membership was not a necessary part of the system installation but when you get billed almost $70 extra a month you soon find out that was a lie. A fine print of the “contract” is that they can do what they want when they want regarding their system in our home, and even if we remove it, we have to pay for it for 12 months.

OK, anyways. They claim they are a 5 star, highly rated, and known company. THEY AREN’T. Everything breaks. They lie about their membership, installment, and billing and unless you want to take them to civil court, you have to deal with it. Even if you ask them about the fine print they b.s. you into accepting it as it is.


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