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Fischer Aviation, Scam/Fraud

This school is a scam. It’s owner, Tom Fischer doesn’t help you get your private pilot license, HE ACTIVELY OREVENTS YOU FROM GETTING IT, so he can scam you for as much money as possible. I wasted $5,000 and four months of my time with this clown. For example, he demanded that I hold the yoke with an open hand and not firmly with a closed grip. This is not required by anyone, and landing with an open palm is an invitation to disaster, when you lose control of the yoke because of wind gust/ hard landing, etc.

One time out of ten I turned a little early out of the departure leg of a touch and go, he cited that as a reason not to sign off on my solo. One time I missed the centerline by ten feet, he cited that. This is just an example of his pedancy to defraud clients. When I finally realized he was scamming me, I went to another flight school and soloed in less than two weeks and got my private pilot license shortly thereafter.

At the court where I represented myself in my fraud suit, the mediator asked him if he had higher standards than other CFIs. He said yes. The mediator asked him if he gave me something in writing before to tell me that. Fischer said no.


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