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First Class Vacations, First Class Vacations

They make you believe that you are going to get all this special treatment and not have to pay during your trip, but you will get a hefty bill at the end of your trip on top of what First Class Vacations makes you pay. They lie A LOT, just to get you to sign up. They make you pay all kinds of fees just for them to book a “free” cruise. Nothing is free. They are booking you as a third party, so a lot of actual cruises don’t really accept this. They even make you pay an insurance fee…that money is really just going to them. When I talked to the cruise that they were supposedly setting me up on, they said that there was no such policy for their cruise line. They also told me that I was going to have put a deposit down directly with them. I spent a total of $2,000 between the actual cruise line and first-class vacations before I even boarded the cruise. I also got a bill for $3,000 after the cruise. Awful experience. I ended up overpaying for the cruise.

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Mark Chung Lee

Mark Chung Lee

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