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Extreme Tactical Dynamics, Excuses

I made an order with tactical Dynamics 2 months ago and I still have not received it. I have called their customer service line three times and I have been told a different excuse every time. The first time, it was that my order had to be re- entered into the system because someone got it wrong. At this time I should have asked for a refund. The second time I was told that my order was on backorder. The third time, they could not even find my package based on the tracking number they had given me. Such a waste. I wish that I had gone with a different lighting company.

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Platinum TV Production, Lots of Money, No Box

Platinum TV Production, Lots of Money, No Box

The second that you pay to start your services with them, you will regret it

Aqua Care USA, No Show

Aqua Care USA, No Show

We had to make a very large deposit based on all the initial sales

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