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Etengoff Pak Law Group – Personal Injury Attorney, PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY SCAM LAW OFFICE

I have received numerous emails and phone calls from JIm’s office to request that I write a review for them. They said its important and they want me to do it as soon as possible. I dont know why they keep pestering me for this as my review of their services isnt exactly positive.

Jim Paks law office is a personal injury office. They make money off your accident. An accicdent maybe you got maimed in, or a loved one died, they make money off that.

My problem with Jim is that he never calls you back. They are so nice and attentive in the beginning. But as soon as you sign on the dotted line and give them permission to run your case, they will use the entire 3 years statute of limitations. In my case they used all but 3 months of time. And then brought me a low settlement offer. They tried telling me I had to take the settlement offer because it was the best one I was going to get. I declined and said lets go to court. Jim told me it would cost me more money. If they go to court they want a larger cut of my check.

I had to talk to other attorneys where they told me that Jim and Loren Entengoff are scam attorneys trying to make as much money as they can to pay for their Bentley cars and million dollar mansions.

Avoid these guys!!!

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