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eGumball, Inc., SEO Scam

No improvement whatsoever, and it has been six months. eGumball, Inc. has proven to be a waste of time and money. I thought that utilizing their resources would boost my business, but they have turned out to be incredibly difficult to work with. They are unresponsive, they do not give me reports, and it concerns me that they have full access to my business profiles. I do not think I am getting the initial premium service I signed up for at all. In fact, my rankings have dropped. When I first spoke with them, they told me that they used Google Maps in some way that was going to help me. It did not exactly make sense to me then, but now it does. The way that they advertise themselves, I should have known. They are as bad as a door to door salesmen. Avoid at all costs.

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Tophatter, Fake Products and Fake Reviews.

Tophatter, Fake Products and Fake Reviews.

I signed up for Tophatter auction site and ordered at least 30 items

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