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Dream Connections International, Inc., Dream Connections A Fail

If there is anything to rope people into a scam it is love. People will pay about anything to find love. I know I did.
I had spent most of my life focusing on my business. I was a lonely man in my mid 30’s looking for a lifelong partner so I came to Dream Connections. I was told that All the women on that also joined were eligible bachelors and carefully critiqued to be matched with your best, and vice versa. I had high hopes, especially since I spent a minimum of $5,000.
Before I met with anyone I roamed their website of all the women that were also apart of Dream Connections. When I went to my first event, none of them were there. it was mostly a group of women that had brought their friends.
I did not meet one committed woman. In short, I decided then to go on their international tour..that cost me another $5,000. It was a tour to Ukraine. I did not really have many other choices. All of these women were supposedly vetted as well. I was assigned a romance coach and translator so I could communicate with the women there, of course, none of them spoke English.
I actually met a woman. She was beautiful blonde, sweet lady who I took a strong liking too. We spent a lot of time together. I thought I could really have something long term until she started to inquire about my finances. She was very concerned about whether or not I was wealthy. I was looking for love, not a gold digger.
Somehow the woman got ahold of my credit cards. She literally stole from me. I was madder at Dream Connections! I thought they vetted these women. As it turns out, I was not the only one. I met another gentleman on the tour that had a similar thing happen to him, the woman that he met, however, was looking to get married right away and leave the country.

I gave up on Dream Connections altogether. They are not reputable very good people being apart of their “club.” The owner, Mark, defintiely knows how to con people out of their money though.

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