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Dream Connections, *$5,000 Later, Scammed by a Professional Dater and Dream Connections Doesn’t Care or Protect The Customer

*WARNING: The woman 41 seconds in the video “Anna” Anya Bulat, was engaged to me 6 weeks ago and we lived together for 5 weeks! I was on the Dream Connections tour in Nov 2018 and she had multiple men on social media and in real life, she was seeing on the side secretly. Guys on the tour: she is very dangerous, a narcissist, and will use you for every dime you have and then toss you aside. I told Mark and DC about this, but I had already paid my $5,000 so they really didn’t care. Watch out for her.
Not only did the “champion of men” and “man card academy guru” not stand up for me as the man, he believed every word and lie she said. Once your $5,000 is paid, they really don’t care about you. He is also using his “Quest Mastermind” as a funnell to bring more guys into the Dream Connections fold, even if they are married at the time. He told me I was ready emotionally ready for the tour, 3 weeks after my divorce. I clearly wasn’t ready, but he was my Quest Mastermind mentor and “man’s coach”, so I believed him. I was nearly destroyed by a professional scammer and narcissist. Not only did Dream Connections and Mark not take her profile down to protect other guys as I asked multiple times, but they featured her on their new video for the next tour! Feeling very used and scammed.
Oh, and maybe 1 out of 20 guys is getting married from the tour.. That’s a 5% success rate, not 80% as they claim…., unless you count getting scammed and used by professional daters, a “meaningful relationship”. Guys, as a military veteran and a man, I can tell you: avoid the personality cult of Mark Edward Davis, and Dream Connections. There are much safer and more cost-effective options out there.

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iOffer, Scam. You’ll never recieve the product.

iOffer, Scam. You’ll never recieve the product.

I purchased a number of items off of this site the first time I tried to use it

Heavenly Tresses, Heavenly Tresses Poor Quality Wigs & Bad Service

Heavenly Tresses, Heavenly Tresses Poor Quality Wigs & Bad Service

Do not expect much from Heavenly Tresses

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