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Dr. Lana Rozenburg, Lied About Cavities

First of all, I had an issue with scheduling. Not sure if the office is just so busy or the people are inexperienced, at the front desk, but I had to reschedule twice because they got my appointment wrong. Finally got to my teeth cleaning. It was the first time that I had been to Dr. Rozenburg. I had some x-rays taken by the dental assistant, then I waited over an hour for the dentist to come in! She was not gentle at all, She actually cut my gums.
She actually did a fair job with the cleaning and told me I had 6 cavities. I was not too sure about that, but I did want to get a whitening done. I did not like the way that everything was handled at her office, so I decided to get the whitening and the “cavities” I had looked at someone else.
I did not have any pain so I was not sure about having the cavities. Turned out I was right. Another dentist whitened my teeth and told me my teeth were in perfect shape! I think Dr. Rozenburg was just trying to get money out of me.

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Allen Marketing, Marketing Scam

Allen Marketing, Marketing Scam

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