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My experience at Dr. Kevin Hornsby’s Florida Men’s Medical Clinic on Griffin Road in Fort Lauderdale pretty much parallels that of Larry G in Georgia (except they got me to sign up for more than twice as much: $ 2,131.00): interviews, cursory exam of genitals, pitch by white-coated “car salesman talking guy”, return visit to get “retrained on applying the medication”, etc.

But nothing has worked for me. At my last appointment the urologist said for the first time that because of my age (84) I could not expect to have the results of a younger man. Now I am completely dissatisfied. I have sent back the medical kit with all items and medications remaining in my possession and requested that I receive return of payments made or still owed. I hope we can reach a satisfactory settlement without credit card disputes (At my first appointment they opened a credit-card account—no interest first six months—with Care Credit of GE Capital, which I see has several hundred listings on Ripoff Report!), or complaints to state and federal entities, mediation or small-claims court

Also I would be interested to know the outcome of Larry G’s problem in Georgia. I see that clinic answered his complaint evasively saying “there are no guarantees in medicine.” But they repeat their “commitment to customer satisfaction” and “New patients have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain . . . regardless of age or medical history.”

I will update this report to advise if they mean it.

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