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Dr Gary Motykie, Dr Gary motykie photoshops his results & careless surgeon by ex nurse

First of all I’m an ex nurse of Dr motykie’s and I’ve seen him Photoshop his results. I know because I worked there as a nurse for so many years and saw his terrible results firsthand. I’ve worked with other surGeons and can know he is careless and wakes patients up when he knows they’re symmetrical and there I something off. But he doesn’t care – it’s all about the money to get the next us are patient and out. After a few months working there, I noticed that his before and after photographs did not match the patients I saw in the clinic. They were clearly photoshopped to hide scars and to straighten obviously deviated noses. I became suspicious when a patient I knew well pointed out her photo in Gary’s Instagram was doctored in many areas. Her face had a slimmer jawline and her nose looked perfect even though she didn’t even have a nose job for God’s sake!
That made me sick that a man like gary could deceive unsuspecting people looking for surgery with him.

Forget about him Photoshopping his patients before and after results, What first got me furious about Gary motykie where is when he hurt two of my good girlfriends I sent to him One was a long time friend from my New York City days who got a perforated septum from a rhinoplasty he performed. Her nose ended up with a bad dip over the bridge and to top it all she ended up with a . serious infection that needed long-term I.V antibiotics. He was like a deer in headlights and didn’t have a clue what to do. instead asked for more money to revise the mess he created in the first place. He then re-operated on her again and now the bridge of her nose collapsed. She’s totally devastated.

I was such an idiot to then refer my other friend who ended up getting permanent nerve damage to her lower lip after a faceliftand looks like she’s paralyzed when she smiles. Her face also is disfigured with big depressions on the right side of the face.

Really sad.
I feel so embarrassed and guilty I allowed this money hungry sloppy misguided plastic surgeon dr Gary Motykie to get his hands on my friends.
I normally don’t take the time to write reviews of other doctors because all of them have they’re good days and bad. But I can no longer hold back and have to become the whistle blower of this fraudulent surgeon and enemy of the people.

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