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Deletion Expert, Cannot Get My Money Back

I paid Deletion Experts upfront to take care of my information online being as I was a victim of identity theft. They are taking their sweet time. I have only seen my information taken from one site. They are supposed to send me reports, but I am not getting them. They have all my documentation and necessary paperwork to carry out their job, but I honestly do not think that they are qualified enough. After over a month, I am not expecting anything out of them. I am trying to get my money back, but it is harder than trying to get them to deliver on their services.

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180 Fusion, Flaky, Overpriced Services

180 Fusion, Flaky, Overpriced Services

I hired these guys for a year and paid $15,000 plus monthly payments for them to

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James Taylor

Right-buy is a site that is a clone of the Dalton and bfs website to lure in

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