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David Chupp

David Chupp is an AKC breeder of many different types of dog breeds. Don’t believe a word this man says. WE thought we vetted him enough before talking to him but we were wrong. When we went to pick up our dog from him he rushed the process so fast and took our money without us having a moment to ask important health questions. He said he was in a rush and that the puppy was fine. We went on our way because well, picking up a puppy in the first place is overwhelming… secondly, we were uncomfortable with how he handled us being there… it felt like he wanted to get rid of us as soon as possible… and the puppy too. The next day out puppy started acting odd. We took to the vet and he was sick with something I could not pronounce. Thought maybe he was just out of it from adjusting to the new home. WRONG. He had a parasite as well as a medical genetic condition that he guarantees his puppies don’t have. We tried to talk to him about this and he ignored our calls. Pretending to be a new costumer seems to be the only way to get him to talk. If you can find another breeder, I would. We got a sick puppy from him and he did not care one bit. We’re pretty sure he’s just a backyard breeder puppy farm. Sad.

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