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Creative Tax Solutions, Paid for a Letter

Creative Tax Solutions
I am extremely disappointed with Creative Tax Solutions. They have seemed to have created a more difficult situation for me than before working with them. In a meeting that I had with them, we had a conversation about what they could do for me and how they were going to handle it. They were going to be the ones in direct contact with the IRS, not me. If you are currently working with them, make sure you communicate with the IRS as well because they failed to follow through with their promises. I paid them a couple thousand just for them to send the IRS a letter. I found out because they contacted me and it has been two months. I have made no progress.

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Pivotal Payments, Pivotal Steals from your Business

Pivotal Payments, Pivotal Steals from your Business

HUGE Red flag!

Sunlife Solar, Sunlife Scammers

Sunlife Solar, Sunlife Scammers

My husband and I both received bad customer service from Sunlife Solar on

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