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Community Action Against Addiction Dr. Jerome Williams and Kathleen Boone

Do not go to Dr. Jerome Williams. He has been fired or let go from many other practices. He has been blasted online for being overly flirty and inappropriate to women. Especially women who are in their third trimester!! You do NOT want someone taking care of you who makes you uncomfortable and this man will do just that.


He has a woman on staff named Kathleen Boone who condones his behavior and makes jokes with him. It’s actually disgusting and embarrassing to know a woman partakes in the same behavior. Yuck. Avoid them.

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Mitali Mistry EPE

Mitali Mistry EPE

Mitali Mistry was fired from EPE for extreme dishonesty

South Coast Recovery Dana Point

South Coast Recovery Dana Point

If you are forced to be here, you will hate every single moment you are there

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