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Commerce Payment Systems, They Up Their Rates Consistently

This is the worst possible system that you can get for your business. They are bad for business the way that they operate, and there is never any customer service or support. I started with Commerce at a low rate that a salesman convinced me was the best rate that I could get compared to their competitors. I had done my research so it seemed plausible, but he conveniently failed to mention that they add to the percentage as time goes on and for additional uses o “special” cards. I ended up paying more than I would have with any other retailer.
When I realized this, I tried to cancel with them because I knew that I could get a better deal. Here I am 3 months later and they are still taking $200 out of my account every month for their services which I have stopped using. They are extremely difficult to cancel with. They finally took back the terminal that they had sent me, but continue to charge me.

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Intercontinental Capital Group, Dishonest Practice

Intercontinental Capital Group, Dishonest Practice

This is a dishonest practice

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Profit Grabber, Useless Program

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