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I am a Registered Nurse and single mother of three. I have been working during the pandemic countless hours. Last pay check I worked so hard for my son to have money for his heart ablation. This company took 754.83 out of one check unauthorized. I had no Idea who they are or what loan I was never notified of anything I went to my HR person crying because I was unable to get my children’s what they needed and start his procedure process with the down payment. I was told then that this company had garnished my wages, last check 393 and this check 754. I was appalled because I had no court documents shown to me number one, this wasn’t my loan, and I was never even notified. To rob a Nurse during this pandemic is absolutely beyond me. I then was told I signed something electronically which I have no idea. I have reached out to this company for three weeks and have not received an email nor a call back. I will be pushing this to the highest possible route I can go. I have proof I pay a debt collector for all my old debt I have required. I have proof that I was not even told or called. I need to see the route I go to get my money back and to possibly sue this place. This has cost me so much stress my hard earned money and for something I have no idea. The hotlines emails and numbers are fake they never work. I don’t understand how someone can tale my money with out having proof a court number a case number or id. I have lost 1000 dollars and I have to take time now to file complaints. This business is horrible. I am fighting for peoples lives right now during covid and I cant provide for my children’s who only have me. Please help me. I am so scared I get multiple calls from loan places I have three children I am the only person they have can they share my identity.

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Karen Downie, Karen Downie Southbend In.

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