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Coil N Soil

I reached out to my home advisor for a good recommendation for someone to fix my sprinkler system. They gave me the name of a company named Coil and Soil out of Aurora Colorado.

I contacted the Company and they came out and checked my system and said that I needed a new valve that was going to cost me $250.00 which included repairing the zone valve and getting it up and running. He guaranteed the system to work for 2 years and included a warranty so I went through with the repairs

The repairs went fine and I paid him, but a week later, I had another problem. On the same day, he came back out and stated that I needed a Vacuum Pump. I asked about the cost and this time it was $200.00. Agreeing with him, I wrote him another Check.

A month later the system broke down again, but this time, it flooded my yard, I called again, but this time I did not get a response. I have paid a total $450.00 to this company, which, according to another person at Coil N Soil, the person that I had to fix my sprinklers, does not exist. I am thinking that The company did not even take my money, the man may have been an imposter. Either way. Coil N Soil overcharges.

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First Premier Funding, Criminal Owners

First Premier Funding, Criminal Owners


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WebiMax, WebiMax is not at all as advertised

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