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Chris Shihadeh of SkyLab Digital: Fraudster and Scam



Chris Shihadeh is a fraudster who has received numerous complaints for his illegal operations.

According to his customers, he has stolen hundreds of thousands from his victims and feels no remorse for his terrible actions.

There are plenty of reviews on Chris Shihadeh of Skylab Digital and his criminal enterprises.

The following review explores his customer reviews as well as his marketing claims to help you understand why you should stay away from him:

Chris Shihadeh is a Fraudster”Customer Reviews


The whole bloodline and family are criminals and skilled con artists. They committed frauds such as tax fraud, real estate fraud, and theft totaling tens of thousands of dollars. Everyone connected to the family and every member of it is a criminal. They don’t mind robbing elderly people or military families of money to pay for their upcoming trip or expensive buy.

Beware, they are all skilled con artists and thieves. If you come across these thieves or their group, run away and notify the police. They stole from many of us and put many individuals in dire financial situations.

What is tax fraud? (Crime Committed by Chris Shihadeh)

A person or corporate organization commits tax fraud when they knowingly and actively falsify information on a tax return in order to reduce their tax liability. In order to avoid paying the full amount of taxes due, cheating on a tax return is the essence of tax fraud. Falsely claiming deductions, classifying personal spending as business expenses, creating a fictitious Social Security number, and failing to disclose income are a few examples of tax fraud. Tax fraud examples include evading taxes, which is the criminal attempt to avoid paying taxes that are due.

What is a Real State Fraud? (Another Crime Committed by Chris Shihadeh)

A real estate scam is a dishonest technique that preys on unwary homeowners or buyers by misrepresenting the situation, telling lies, or engaging in illegal activity. Scammers frequently target people who are in a rush to sell their homes and buy new ones, as well as people who may have recently inherited property. Watch out for warning signs that you are being conned, such as an unusually cheap purchase price, assurances of a quick and simple sale, or pressure to sign the deed to your property without first contacting a lawyer.

Although they can occur worldwide, real estate scams are more frequent in locations with high property costs and low demand. If you’re thinking about purchasing or selling a home in a region where the housing market is competitive, exercise extreme caution.

What is theft? (Expertise of Chris Shihadeh)

The act of taking another person’s goods or services without that person’s knowledge or agreement with the aim of robbing the legitimate owner of them is referred to as theft. The term “theft” is also frequently used colloquially to refer to a variety of property crimes, including larceny, robbery, embezzlement, extortion, blackmail, and receiving stolen property. While theft is defined more broadly in certain countries, others consider it to be synonymous with larceny. An individual who commits a theft may be referred to as a “thief” (pl: thieves).

About Chris Shihadeh of Skylab Digital (Claims Made to Hide His Criminal History)

The following section contains the claims made by the PR team of Chris Shihadeh to hide his criminal history. Hence, read this section with a grain of salt.

Chris Shihadeh is a multi-millionaire businessman headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ. Together with marketing consultancies and sales contact centers, he also started several profitable e-commerce businesses. The president of Skylab Digital, a leader in lead generation and digital marketing, is Mr. Shihadeh. His team places thousands of calls per day for their clients using internal adverts on well-known platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google, TikTok, and more.

Mr. Chris Shihadeh is the CEO and founder of Skylab Digital. The Skylab team, which has nine members and is growing, focuses on driving interested customers to their websites in order to produce a call or lead for its clients. Currently, they are in charge of a number of companies in health insurance, Medicare, auto insurance, and other industries.

They receive more than 8,000 phone calls per day from well-known media sites like Facebook and Google through their web domains. Skylab Digital has so far been granted permission to handle insurance in six states.

The direct-response advertising market is ever-changing. The Skylab Digital team has invested a sizable sum of money in technology to stay on top of shifting client demands. Callers are matched with customers who can most likely help them using contemporary monitoring tools. Software that leverages artificial intelligence to engage customers and industry-leading analytics tools to guarantee that KPIs are met both internally and for their clients are other essential pieces of technology.


About Skylab Digital

To keep a competitive edge in the market, the Skylab digital team is always developing new marketing methods within their lead funnel. They receive traffic from websites that display advertisements, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and TikTok.

Your business depends on its customers to survive. They provide low-cost access to high-value customers for your sales staff. They are able to fill any monthly budget, from $10,000 to $10 million, thanks to their scalable marketing techniques.

Their tracking tools make sure that you are only communicating with leads you can close. They consistently enhance your lead quality and generate a positive ROI for your business using sophisticated KPIs and tailored optimizations for each customer.

Conclusion: Don’t Trust Chris Shihadeh of Skylab Digital

Chris Shihadeh is the CEO of Skylab Digital, a multi-millionaire businessman. He has a history of frequent fraud. His family also has a history of tax fraud, real estate fraud, and theft totaling tens of thousands of dollars. Basically, fraud runs in his veins. They don’t mind robbing elderly people or military families of money to pay for their upcoming trip or expensive buy.



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