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Choices Recovery, NOT Properly Run for Recovery

Choices Recovery is not the best place to take your loved ones if they are in serious need of a detox and addiction recovery. I admitted my son here under the assumption that he was in good hands. From the initial meeting with the counselors to the actual stay was very different. They talked about 12 step meetings every night, 24/7 support, and group counseling. The attention to counseling was the reason that I wanted my son to go here.
As it turns out, the counseling was not up to my expectations. My son told me that they went through all the steps, but they did not have regular meetings and there was often a counselor that was not present at their group meetings. It was very disorganized and unprofessionally run. They lost my son’s file twice. When I called to speak with them, they told me that he was not present, then they read me the wrong profile. This place had me so much more concerned than I should have been. I did not feel comfortable with my son going here so I moved him.

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