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CGTV, Took Advantage of My Daughter

Complete Scam! These are people that feed off of hopeful parents and kids that want to be stars. It is like a modeling scam that promises you plenty of auditions and photo shoots, BUT you have to pay thousands of dollars up front. I have seen this multiple times, being as I was a parent who was trying to help her child reach their dream. I went to a seminar with a lot of energy and an exciting presentation of what they had to offer. I bought into and ended up paying $5,000 because they saw potential in my daughter. They offered nothing special. It was terrible because my daughter was so hopeful but I was never called back and there was never anything to offer after that. Waste of money.

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Tower Point Capital, Ponzi Scheme, Don’t Buy In

Tower Point Capital, Ponzi Scheme, Don’t Buy In

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Emily’s Rental, Emily the Scammer

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