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Cannon Operating, Took My Money and Ran

Cannon Operating offers plenty of opportunities to invest. I am well versed in this area of work. They provided me with brief information and. I sent them information for my profile to invest in 3 different projects.
Communication was consistent, and I followed through. I asked them to send information from each project and a projected estimate.

The money left my account, but I did not get another email. I tried to call them, but I was told three times that they would get back to me.
Finally, I was able to speak with someone who told me that I was not signed up for any projects.

They just took my money and wrote me off.

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Lisa Matthews

Lisa Matthews

I found an offer so great on eBay that I jumped at the chance

Steel Building Pros, These “Pros” almost wrecked my house

Steel Building Pros, These “Pros” almost wrecked my house

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